Easy deployable tool for Red Teams: Red Team's SIEM

Red Team's SIEM - easy deployable tool for red teams used for tracking and alarming about blue team activities as well as better usability for the red team in long term operations.
Initial public release at BruCON 2018:
RedELK Architectural overview
Red Team Operations
First time login
Browse to your RedELK server's IP address and login with the credentials from Nginx (default is redelk:redelk). You are now in a Kibana interface.
There are probably two things you want to do here: look at dashboards, or look and search the data in more detail. You can switch between those views using the buttons on the left bar (default Kibana functionality).


Click on the dashboard icon on the left, and you'll be given 2 choices: Traffic and Beacon.

Looking and searching data in detail

Click on the Discover button to look at and search the data in more detail. Once there, click the time range you want to use and click on the 'Open' button to use one of the prepared searches with views.
Beacon data
When selecting the search 'TimelineOverview' you are presented with an easy to use view on the data from the Cobalt Strike teamservers, a time line of beacon events if you like. The view includes the relevant columns you want to have, such as timestamp, testscenario name, username, beacon ID, hostname, OS and OS version. Finally, the full message from Cobalt Strike is shown.
You can modify this search to your liking. Also, because its elasticsearch, you can search all the data in this index using the search bar.
Clicking on the details of a record will show you the full details. An important field for usability is the beaconlogfile field. This field is an hyperlink, linking to the full beacon log file this record is from. Its allows you to look at the beacon transcript in a bigger windows and use CTRL+F within it.
RedELK comes with an easy way of looking at all the screenshots that were made from your targets. Select the 'Screenshots' search to get this overview. We added two big usability things: thumbnails and hyperlinks to the full pictures. The thumbnails are there to quickly scroll through and give you an immediate impression: often you still remember what the screenshot looked like.
Just as with screenshots, its very handy to have an easy overview of all keystrokes. This search gives you the first lines of cententi, as well as again an hyperlink to the full keystrokes log file.
IOC data
To get a quick list of all IOCs, RedELK comes with an easy overview. Just use the 'IOCs' search to get this list. This will present all IOC data from Cobalt Strike, both from files and from services.
You can quickly export this list by hitting the 'Reporting' button in the top bar to generate a CSV of this exact view.

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