Powerful target reconnaissance framework powered by graph theory: Pown Recon

Pown Recon is a target reconnaissance framework powered by graph theory. The benefit of using graph theory instead of flat table representation is that it is easier to find the relationships between different types of information which comes quite handy in many situations. Graph theory algorithms also help with diffing, searching, like finding the shortest path, and many other helpful tasks to aid information discovery and intelligence gathering.
This tool is meant to be used as part of Pown.js but it can be invoked separately as an independent tool.

Install Pown first as usual:
$ npm install -g pown@latest
Invoke directly from Pown:
$ pown recon
Otherwise, install this module locally from the root of your project:
$ npm install @pown/recon --save
Once done, invoke pown cli:
$ ./node_modules/.bin/pown-cli recon
You can also use the global pown to invoke the tool locally:
$ POWN_ROOT=. pown recon

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